Focus on your business, we take care of the rest!

All services included when reserving a space

Water, electricity and air conditioning

The basic services for the operation of any workspace are included in the price.
In addition, in this way you always know the monthly expense in advance, without surprises.

Office supplies in meeting rooms

Papers, pens and folders at your disposal in the meeting rooms. Because they are always needed and are often missed. In Epicenter it will not happen to you …

Coffee, tea, chocolate and water

What would work be without a good coffee or tea break. And the same can be said of the moment of relaxation while reading the press. Sit comfortably on one of the sofas or on the chillout, next to the garden, and savor our quality coffees and teas, or enjoy a good chocolate.


Every day involves a lot of movement of objects and people, no matter how neat one is, dust accumulates and a good cleaning service is essential, for hygiene and for image. Don’t worry because this service is also included. You will have your space always clean and ready for the next job or meeting.

Fiber optic Internet 1.000MBx2

Today the Internet is basic, to the point that few businesses can survive without. As we are well aware, we offer a double high speed connection, with two different providers. So if one fails, the other enters automatically and you will never be offline.

Receiving visits and calls

Whether you are in a meeting or away on a visit, it is extremely important not to miss any visits or calls. Your clients will always be looked after by someone and treated personally with the respect they deserve. With us you will have personal and telephone attention covered.

Mail and parcel reception

Another headache that you won’t have at Epicenter. During the entire working day of the Post Office and the delivery people, there will be someone willing to receive your mail and parcels so that you receive the information and material you are waiting for on time.

Meeting room audiovisual material

Our meeting rooms have audiovisual material, already configured and prepared to function correctly and to be able to make the presentations you need in the best conditions.


All Epicenter content is insured against damage caused by fire, water and theft. This includes the material of the center itself as the one deposited by you, ask at reception whenever you want and we will gladly inform you of the details of the coverage.

Alarm and security

Being insured is not enough since the transfer that the loss entails is not quantifiable. For this reason, Epicentre has a modern and efficient alarm system and security cameras to ensure that we do not need to use insurance.

Access to common areas

To be able to have coffee and read or navigate quietly, you need an adequate space, with comfortable sofas, a garden, tables … And the same with regard to having an office with a fridge, microwave and sink, as well as tables and chairs, where you can heat the food for those who do an intensive day or simply find it more comfortable.

Free access to the centre's workshops

The most effective way to take advantage of the synergies that are generated, as well as to provoke them, is through the organization of events and workshops that we gladly and often organize from Epicenter. Where, of course, all partners have free access.

Discounts in other workshops

All those workshops, courses and events in which the hiring of external companies is necessary or involve a high cost, we will carry them out with very advantageous discounts for partners and members.

Web presence and center panels

In addition to the physical advantages of the spaces, the presence on the official website, as well as on the information panels, will help both colleagues and future clients find you more easily, in addition to associating your image with the seriousness and efficiency of Epicenter.

Space customization

In addition to your corporate image in the information panel at the entrance, you can customize the windows and door of your Executive space with vinyls if you wish.

50 pages printing and/or photoc./month

Use the printer when you need it and don’t worry about its maintenance, in addition, the consumption that could be considered a basic and normal use runs on our part.

Everything you may need available next door.

Contractable services with no reservation of spaces.

Social, tax and commercial address

Domicile your business at Epicenter and enjoy the associated professional image, mail and parcel reception, guest service…

Virtual office

For all those who can carry out their activity without a physical space, but still need an “office”, that is, a landline, personalized telephone service, registered and fiscal address, post and parcel collection, visitor services, meeting room …

Personal time control

If by law you are obliged to keep the time record of employees, we offer you the possibility of using the devices installed in Epicenter to comply with it.

Tax and labor advice

Save yourself hassles and complications, let us take care of VAT returns, personal income tax withholdings, income, corporation tax, labor and accounting management, advice…. while you dedicate all this energy to running your business.

Technological consulting

If you do not know what technology can help you in the management of your business, or if it is possible or there is a solution that you have thought about or need, get rid of doubts with our advice.


If you never have time to do the invoices, you are very tired when you have to do them, or you simply do not like it at all, leave it in our hands. Send us the note on paper, by mail or by whatsapp (It can be a photo or a voice note) and we will generate the invoice or the budget. Save time and health!

Access outside opening hours

Ideally most business is done during business hours, but this is not always possible. We open the center for you on the day and at the time you want to attend that crucial client or event for your business.

Computer maintenance

Forget traveling when your computer crashes. We solve all kinds of breakdowns, clean and do preventive maintenance.

Chest of drawers and/or cabinets

If you need a private space to leave things, or more space because the business is growing, choose between the different solutions and use it as you need it.

Telephone, extension or own numbering

Have a telephone extension to receive calls through the Epicenter switchboard or your own number to receive calls directly.

Office supplies and consumables

At reception at your disposal, forget about placing orders, or having to run to look for missing material. All the usual material you may need for the office can be found at Epicenter.


We offer you quality, healthy and balanced food at events or meetings with your clients. With or without waiter service.

Printing and photocopying

If you need to make intensive use of the printer, Epicenter’s is the latest generation, fast and ready for heavy workloads.


Documentation, catalogs, price lists, reports, any document improves with a good binding. And the best thing is that you do not need to purchase the material or travel to bind it.

Domain and/or website

Presence on the Internet is essential today. If, apart from appearing on the Epicenter website, you want to have your own domain, or you already have it, and you need a page with more information, we will take care of everything.


Do not hesitate to send us any questions or needs you have, transportation, accommodation, translation, whatever. We put all our contacts, experience and knowledge at your service.